Tom Benson has a genius for inspiring young people (including me). He radiates enthusiasm, and causes creative events take place. He co-founded the World Education Corps. Tom suggested that I write this book, and make a film about the subject matter. Holding court in the Harvard Club, and Oxford, he steers how people think about the 21st century.

To make the film I sought out the most brilliant people I could find and tried to video-tape a brain dump. Those that were particularly influential were Lord Martin Rees, Lord Christopher Patten, Baroness Susan Greenfield, Sir Crispin Tickell, Sir Nicholas Stern, Senator John McCain, Rudolph Juliani, Gordon Moore, Lester Brown, Ray Kurzweil, Freeman Dyson, James Lovelock, Norman Myers, Craig Ventor, Marvin Minski, Rodney Brooks, Irwin Winkler, Michael Porter, Jane Goodall, Amory Lovins, Mamphela Ramphele, Robert Gagosian, John DeGioia, Nick Bostrum, Hernando de Soto, Leonard Duhl, Donald A.Henderson, Anton Rupert, Leonard Schlaine, Ester Dyson, Michael West, Clara Yu, Brent Jenkin, Bill Parker, Ralph Richardson, Sim van der Ryn, Hugo de Garis, Paul Parker, Paul Parker, Serguei Popov, Steve Rayner, Pat Fitch, Francis Finlay, Angela McClain, William Potter, Randy Kritkausky, Jonathon Rose, Eddy Rubin, Pabo Rubinstein, Shane Tadjerati, Peter Kostmayer, and Ed Moses.

The directors and staff of the ten Institutes of the James Martin 21st century School at the University of Oxford were extremely helpful, and especially the Dean of the School, Ian Goldin.